Mining and Energetics

Fidic BTO

Delta Inženjering conducts consulting services (FIDIC engineer) during construction of the new BTO system together with the German company DMT Consulting

JKP Novosadska toplana

Design and construction of a boiler on the thermal power plant Istok



A project of transportation, crushing, disposal, fine coal landfills, homogenization, taking and delivery of fine coal from the open pit mine Tamnava.

Design of infrastructure facilities on the mounting site, PK Polje E

Design of the second phase of treatment plants with PK Tamnava

Drencher system of transportation oblique bridge for coal delivery SUP-1 (construction and design)
A project for accommodation of shift staff in PK Tamnava.

Repair and return to the projected state of bridges RB 600 and TB100 in the old dryer building (construction) .

Second phase of the project for coal preparation plant with PK Tamnava.


DESIGN OF QUALITY CONTROL BY COAL SAMPLING / adaptation of conveyor T2 (belt T2R and T2L) for coal delivering – construction and design

Production of steel structure and wrapper on electro filters of Block B1, B2 and A6



Technical control of the main airport project in the canal from the Danube River to Kostolac A.