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For the company that launched its own business in the beginning of 1990, the first decade was conditioned by difficult economic and political conditions and was a great professional challenge.

The challenge was the reason for the first step, and all the other steps were made thanks to enthusiasm and creative energy with a lot of wisdom and knowledge.

Delta Inženjering is a leader in industrial engineering.

Delta Inženjering is engaged in: engineering, design, construction, consulting and control activities.

Today Delta Inženjering team operates in three sectors: design, engineering and consulting. A special team was formed in the engineering sector, comprised of experienced engineers with the necessary licenses.

The aim is to provide complete service for clients – from obtaining the necessary documentation from the competent authorities, through the preparation of project documents to the works execution and obtaining of a certificate of occupancy.

Among our biggest investors are EPS, Srbijagas, NIS, Clinical Center of Serbia, Alumil, Messer, Henkel.

We have a unique experience in the complete so-called turn-key service for the investors such as Henkel, Volvo, Alumil, Ice Cream Factory Delta, today Nestle, etc.

Numerous successfully completed projects over the past three decades reflect how successfull weare on the market with very strict competition.

As the complexity of the business grew, there was a growing needfor formation of different companies within Delta Group: Delta Inženjering, Delta Preving, Delta Cleanroom, Delta Tang.

With the experience and expert team, the positions we have won, the expected support of the banks, the political and economic stability of the country we will try to keep this trend.

Today we can boast that we are running projects of all capital investments in the country. This fact even more gives us an incentiveto be even better, more professional and more efficient.


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11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

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