Mettalurgy and Non-metal Industry

HBIS Group

Design of a walking beam furnace.

Alumil YU Industry

In addition to the development of complete technical documentation for obtaining the construction permit, in February 2018, with the existing production and business facility, Delta Inženjering started additional construction of the anodizing facility, number of floors P+0 – P+1, gross area 6,648.32m2, net area 5,840.32m2, floor height 3,5m, dimensions 101,00×58,75m. Works were successfully completed in December 2018.

U.S. Steel, Smederevo

For the Steel Mill US Steel Smederevo are prepared main designs and construction documentation for the Secondary Dedusting Plant at the converter and mixer buildings in the Steel Mill.
In these two rooms are taking place technological processes of steel production during which is emitted a considerable amount of dust and combustion products, which has exceeded the legally prescribed values and which was necessary to properly collect and then extract from the air by filtrating.
Secondary dedusting system, whose performance is in the course, should hold more than 95% of the flue gases that are released during the production of steel, so the Smederevo Steel Mill could become part of the environmentally friendly steel production process.
In the second half of 2011 Delta Inženjering completed the closed cooling system, which cools the system of oxygen lances.
In parallel with the construction of the closed cooling system of converter blowers, Delta Inženjering has successfully carried out works on the second cooling plant in the Steel Mill Smederevo.
This is a closed cooling system inside the compressor stations.

Arcelor Mittal, Zenica

Dedusting system of blast furnace casting platform.

For the investor Acelor Mittal – Zenica in 2012, Delta Inženjering has completed all of the major projects for the dedusting system of blast furnace casting platform and on the basis of the project, completed in 2013 and put into operation the whole system capacity of 600,000 m3.

The purpose of the project is the installation of the hood and / or mats in places spills, some of which are movable hood for maintenance. Hoods are associated by main pipeline with a new filter plant.