Oil and Gas


Delta Inženjering will procure all technical documentation and do the design of gas pipeline with length 108 km from the Republic of Serbia up to the Republic of Bulgaria (line Niš – Dimitrovgrad).


Delta Inzenjering prepares technical documentation for transmission gas pipeline from the border of Bulgaria to the border of Hungary, length (400 km).


Delta Inženjering is a local partner of the company CB&I on oil deep processing system


Delta Inženjering has developed a project for installation of a new air compressor with capacity of 105.000Nm3/h for the needs of operation of the air separation plant at the fectory of Messer Tehnogas in Smederevo. The new air compressor is installed in place of an existing outdated compressor that has been dismantled and removed.


Works on construction of integrated technical protection inPančevo Oil Refinery are in progress, according to the project prepared by Delta Inženjering in 2015.
Delta Inženjering has been involved longer than eight months in monitoring the execution of works for all functional units and partsdue to forming as-built project, and also it has been involved in design of modifications and amendments of the existing project and technical documentation for the execution of works in accordance with the requirements of the Investor.
Integrated technical protection of Pančevo Oil Refinery covers the complete reconstruction of the existing fence, installation of a modern and functional system of technical protection (perimeter protection, alarm system, video surveillance, access control) and upgrading of the electrical installation.

NIS Naftagas

Adaptation of the administrative building NIS Naftagas Tehnički servisi in Zrenjanin is completed.

Oil Refinery CBI

In NIS with CB&I we continue activities related to the project of expanding production capacities by constructing a new deep processing plant – a delayed coking plant

Oil Refinery Pančevo

For the preparation of technical documentation was engaged Delta Inženjering, whose team of designers harmonized the documentation of CB&I Lummus with local regulations and prepared additional calculations and projects.

Main projects and preparatory works of the first phase of construction, i.e. reconstruction have been prepared. Based on these projects was obtained a building permit for preparatory works and a building permit for the first phase, which includes the construction of six new manufacturing plants and ten new ancillary facilities, as well as the reconstruction of the existing utility facilities.

Within the adaptation project of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) decanting were implemented the modernization of non-processing plants with introduction of new technology in measuring during transportation and shipping on auto and rail LPG decanting, given that the existing rail and car decanting does not provide the necessary efficiency, accuracy and security in accordance with applicable laws, rules and technical regulations for the protection of the environment.
The aim and purpose of this project is an integrated, modern, reliable, environmentally sound, precise and centralized management and monitoring over the installations of LPG decanting in the NIS-RNP, with the application of metrological conditions and regulations of the Republic of Serbia for the accounting measurement.

Delta Inženjering has signed a contract for the preparation and validation of main projects for the plant S 4700 (SARU) – Spent Acid Regeneration Unit.


For the public company Srbijagas, in underground gas storage in Banatski Dvor, Delta Inzenjering has performed construction works, power supply and installation of measuring and control equipment for the new plant – Line for the production of gas.
Have been made:

Primary plant facilities to accommodate mechanical and electrical equipment,

Foundations of separate mechanical equipment,

Facilities for connecting existing and new facilities,

Infrastructural facilities – installations, hydro-engineering structures and civil facilities.