Design Sector

We have extensive experience in designing, management and construction of public facilities.

Our services on public facilities include all phases, from preliminary design and feasibility study to construction and project management services.

Gained experience facilitates us to anticipate challenges that may arise during the construction in various complex conditions, knowledge of the existing infrastructure and neighboring facilities and to ensure the efficiency constructing and facilities use.

We often have a leading role in the management of multi-disciplinary engineering solutions from feasibility studies, selection of land, planning process to constructing and obtaining of occupancy permit for the building.

Constant commitment to the customer is what sets us apart from other companies with similar profession. Our design team works in accordance with the requirements of the client to ensure a smooth passage through the legal and legislative processes to the construction of facilities in accordance with our clients’ needs.



There are mostly architects and civil engineers specialized in:

– Structural Engineering;

– Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering;

– Road, Railway and Airport Engineering.

Our engineers and architects are a combination of people with extensive experience and knowledge as well as enthusiasm and knowledge of the new and modern informational and other technologies.

Our experienced colleagues gained their experience both in our company and in companies in which they previously worked mostly on designing structures for the industry and supporting infrastructure (hydrotechnical installations and roads).

All engineers have designer licenses issued by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.
Five engineers have the contractor licenses.

The license for the responsible engineer for the energy efficiency buildings have five of our colleagues from this department.

Several colleagues are currently in the process of taking exams of so-called green building (according to LEED programs).

In the department are used the licensed programs:

AUTOCAD Program in which work all employees;


TOWER Program – for design calculations;

GAVRAN Civil Modeller – for constructions;

EPANET and SWMM Applications for Hydraulic calculations;

STRUCTURAL DETAILING for the preparation of steel structures workshop documentation;

Head of the Architectural and Constructional Engineering Department: Ljiljana Mijatović,


Mechanical Engineering Department is a team of licensed engineers and technicians.

By working experience in this department are represented engineers from those who demonstrated exceptional knowledge in college, to those with great experience acquired over the years of designing various industrial plants in the fields of cement industry, oil refining, chemical industry, metal industry, mining and processing of mineral materials.

Six mechanical engineers have the personal licenses for design and two of them the licenses for execution of works, which are issued by Serbian Chamber of Engineers. Two mechanical engineers from the Group of Thermo Technique have the licenses for the responsible engineers for the energy efficiency buildings.

All employees use AutoCAD drawing program as well as programs for the calculation within their professions.

In the department is emphasized team work. Older and experienced engineers transfer their knowledge to younger colleagues.

The department employees collaborate with colleagues from other departments because engineers of all professions (architecture, construction, hydraulic, electric) work together on preparing most of the Delta Inženjering’s projects.

In the department is used the licensed program:

• Autodesk Plant Design Suite

Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department: Svetislav Petrić,


The main technical characteristics of the Department of Automation Engineering:

1. Personnel structure
The graduated engineers of energetics, automatic and telecommunications.
2. Complete hardware ability during preparation of the technical specifications of PLC control systems from the following manufacturers:

• Siemens (PLC Systems S7-200th S7-300, S7-400)
• Allen-Bradley (PLC Systems 1756 GuardLogix Integrated Safety System 1756 ControlLogix Control System, PLC-5 Control System, MicroLogix 1400, MicroLogix 1500)
• ABB (PLC Systems AC500)
• Schneider Electric (PLC Systems: Modicon M340, Modicon Quantum, Modicon Premium)

3. Complete hardware competence in preparation of the technical specifications of HMI systems from the following manufacturers:

• Siemens (HMI Systems SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels TP900, TP1200, TP1500)
• Allen-Bradley (HMI Systems: 2711P PanelView Plus 6, PanelView Plus CE 2711P, 2711P PanelView Standard)
• ABB (HMI Systems: Compact HMI 800)
• Schneider Electric (HMI Systems Magelis HMI STU 655/855)

4. Complete software ability in preparation of PLC applications from the following manufacturers:

• Siemens (SIMATIC Manager SIMATIC Step7)
• Allen-Bradley (RSLogix)
• ABB (CoDeSys Softwear)
• Schneider Electric (PL7 Softwear, ProWORX 32 Softwear, Concept Softwear)

5. Complete software ability in making of SCADA applications from the following manufacturers:

• Siemens (SIMATIC WinCC)
• Allen-Bradley (RS View32)
• Invensys (InTouch 10.1)

6. Complete software ability in preparing of DCS applications from the following manufacturers:

• Invensys (Foxboro DCS)

7. Complete hardware ability for specification and software ability for calibration and parameterization of measuring and control equipment from the following manufacturers:

• Yokogawa
• Emerson – Rosemount
• Endress + Hauser
• Siemens

8. Foxboro
Wiring and delivery of electrical drive boards MCC (Motor Control Center) and MRC (Measuring Regulation Center) from the following manufacturers:
• Siemens (SIVACON)
• Schneider Electric (OKEN)

Head of the Electrical and Instrumental Department: Aleksandar Drobnjak, in electrical engineering.