Ecological and Water Treatment Sector

A special attention of the multidisciplinary team of Delta Inženjering is focused on solving problems related to water. In the industry, water emerges as a raw material, carrier of energy, mean of transport, as a solvent, semi-manufactured product, but almost always as a system for waste eliminating. Its last role as wastewater is a very powerful factor in human influence on the environmental pollution (hydrosphere).

The Water Treatment Sector supported by all other organizational units of Delta Inženjering (Design Sector and Engineering Sector) comprehensively and successfully solves the problems in the field of water supply, irrigation, wastewater treatment, recycling and water saving in industry and in municipal activity.

The results in industrial wastewater treatment that were achieved by Delta Inženjering in the previous period are respective and significant.

The reconstruction of the Oily Wastewater Treatment Plants in Oil Refineries Pančevo and Belgrade with the installation of coalescent separators with own development and production has greatly contributed in preventing pollution of the river Danube as an international watercourse.

By constructing of two Wastewater Treatment Plants at the Plant Holcim Popovac, clean and relatively small streams Toplik and Crnica are protected from pollution. In these plants Delta Inženjering has successfully applied modern methods of ultrafiltration treatment in this branch of industry.

For the first time since its existence the Car Factory Fiat Automobiles Serbia in the city of Kragujevac successfully purifies its wastewater at the Plant Katak, which was constructed by Delta Inženjering on a turnkey base in three phases during the period from 2009 till 2012.

The preparation of project documentation for the central city plants for municipal wastewater treatment in the cities of Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Brus, Blace is only a confirmation of the active participation of Delta Inženjering in communal activity and the contribution to the natural waterways protection from pollution emanating from such large urban areas.